Two brothers, Drew and Blake, grew up in the suburbs of Louisville. Sunday afternoons were reserved for neighborhood cookouts. 20 years later, they’ve decided to share their childhood experience with Blake’s entrepreneurial background and Drew’s culinary skills to make different artisan inspired BBQ sauces, and other such condiments. All sauces are handmade and bottled so that they're given the attention they deserve to put just the right amount of kick in your next cookout.

Bringin' home flavor.


We're dedicated to making the most of breezy summer nights, football fall Sundays, and, of course, BBQ cookouts. Our company is our way of trying to pass on any of those shared moments with friends and family. In the midst off all that sizzling, sunny, relaxing, and wild times you're gonna have, dont forget to pick up a bottle of Bourbon Beau's.

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Vegan’s delight! This is 100% vegan guranteed sauce,and we’re sure it’s something everyone can enjoy. Perfect for a classic smokey flavor, try on ribs, chicken wraps, or even portabella mushrooms

Featuring the classic chipotle chilli pepper, this sauce can really spice up a dish! Next time try our Chipotle BBQ as a substitute for taco seasong, or opt for bbq instead of hot sauce for a different kind of kick. You can also pair it with our Honey Barbeque sauce for a sweet and spicy taste.


Smokin' hot chili pepper bbq

If you’re going for an original, sweet & tangy taste, we recommend our Sweet Onion BBQ. Tastes great on everything; ribs, burgers, chicken, Pair with slivered onions and pickles on a fresh bakery bun!

Sweet Onion taste with a kick

sweet onion

barbeque flavors

honey barbeque

for BBQ lovers with a sweet tooth

Another sweet option great for a honey roasted ham, chicken wings, or even for grilled salmon and shrimp! An all natural favorite that pairs well with our chipotle barbeque sauce.

smoked hickory

Southern style classic BBQ (vegan)

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